COHAB 2 - Second International Conference on Health & Biodiversity, 2008



Thank you! to all of the people who attended and participated in the COHAB 2 conference in Galway this year. It was a truly remarkable week of partnership building, experience sharing, and exchange of knowledge and ideas. The conference reports are currently in preparation and will be published in April 2008.

The official conference programme and copies of presentations are available to download here

The Second International Conference on Health and Biodiversity, took place from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th February 2008 in Galway City, Ireland. This unique event brought 170 delegates from over 70 countries together, from all disciplines and backgrounds, to collaborate on new approaches for protecting human health and well-being through the conservation and sustainable use of the world's biological diversity.

Delegates included representatives of United Nations agencies, governmental organisations, NGOs, IGOs, academic institutions, health and environmental practitioners, students, and community representatives, including indigenous community leaders from every continent.

The conference discussions explored recent research on the links between health and biodiversity, with case studies of action programmes and policy experience under three key thematic areas - Disaster Prevention, Relief and Recovery; Food Resources, Diet and Nutrition, and Emerging Infectious Diseases. Related developments in international and regional policies on biodiversity, public health and the U.N. Millennium Development Goals were considered, including the outputs and impacts of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and recent reports of the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change.

The conference aimed to produce a series of evidence-based reports on key issues, for consideration at subsequent multilateral meetings on the environment, health and development. These reports are currently being finalised, and will be completed at the end of March 2008.

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