December 2013

Request for Input:  Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Human Health in South East Asia

The COHAB Initiative Secretariat is assisting a number of partners in the preparation of a proposed publication on the topic of "Biodiversity: Challenges in a Changing South Asia Environment".

The book is scheduled for publication in 2014.

We are iinterested in hearing from anyone - individual, organisation, student, practitioner, scientist, policy maker - who has experience of, or who is actively investgating, the links between biodiversity / ecosystems and public or animal health in the South East Asian region.  This can include positive connections, as well as examples of negative correlations or ecosystem disservices to health.  Topics can include any aspect of health or health management - e.g. infectious or non-communicable disease, mental health, indigenous community perspectives, disaster risk, medicines from living natural resources, delivery of primary care etc.

It is intended that a few outline case studies will be selected for inclusion in a chapter dealing with the role of biodiversity in supporting ecosystem services that affect human health in the region. Those interested in submitting some ideas / examples for consideration should contact the COHAB Secretariat via email, providing a short outline of the following:

(1) A brief outline of the project / concept / case study

(2) General information on geographic location, and ecosystems and / or major habitats or species involved.

(3) Contact details of a lead investigator / project co-ordinator who may be available to discuss the project in more detail.

Please direct all expressions of interest or queries via email to Mr Conor Kretsch: info (at) before 14th January 2014.












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