December 2013

(Latest update: 30th December 2013)


In 2013 the ESP Thematic Working Group Ecosystem services – Public Health organized its first workshop at the 2013 ESP conference in Bali (workshop 6).

One of the conclusions of the workshop was that in the field of ecosystem services, the topic of human health appears to receive little attention: health was given little attention during the whole conference. However, the health workshop also showed that there is a growing interest in the links between health and ecosystem services.

In follow-up to the workshop, the members of the Thematic Working Group on Public Health have developed a short survey in order to assess how a range of different actors (scientists, practitioners, policy makers and others) view this topic.

The aim is to gain a clearer view of how, and to what extent, human health perspectives are included in the field of ecosystem services research, policy and practice. We hope to better understand the needs of those who may wish to address links between ecosystems and human health within their own work. We also wish to get perspectives on the main opportunities and challenges for those who want to make these links.

The survey can be accessed here, or by clcking on the image above.

The survey will be active until 14th February 2014.  Please check back here for regular updates, or visit the webpage for the Thematic Working Group on Public Health.


On behalf of the ESP Thematic Working Group Ecosystem services – Public Health:

Hans Keune, Conor Kretsch, Kati Vierikko, Roy Haines-Young, Marion PotschinShaun Russell, Patrick Van Damme and Eric Gómez-Baggethun.


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