Reducing Risks -  ecosystems, land use and human well-being in the UK

3-day workshop

Plas Tan y Bwlch, Snowdonia National Park, Wales  6th - 8th February 2012


Last updated: 2nd Feb 2012

Introductory materials

  Reducing Risks - note for participants  (pdf)

  Workshop flyer  (pdf)

  Briefing sheet for field visit  (pdf)

  Location of Plas Tan y Bwlch   (link to Plas website)

Some useful weblinks:

 UK National Ecosystem Assessment   (link to website)

  Wales Environment Research Hub   (link to website)

  The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity   (link to website)

  Last year’s workshop  -  presentations   (link to website)

Current policy documents:

  Wales: Natural Environment Framework

  Scotland – Rural land use strategy

  Scotland – Biodiversity Strategy

  England – Natural Environment White Paper

  England Biodiversity Strategy

  Northern Ireland – Biodiversity Strategy (currently under review)  (pdf)


(pdf documents will require Adobe Reader)

Daily session timetable (please note that precise times and titles are subject to change)

Day 1: Monday 6th February

Setting the Scene

  • 11:30 Introduction to the Course - Charlie Falzon, Countryside Training Partnership
  • 12:00 LUNCH & Welcome to Plas Tan y Bwlch -Twm Elias, Plas Tan y Bwlch
  • 12:45 Field trip introduction and map work - Dafydd Roberts, SNPA / Helen Millband, EA
  • 13:30 Leave for Bala Lake
    Various stops—a chance to explore the complexities, opportunities and challenges of managing the lake and its catchment – Arwel Morris and Dafydd Roberts, SNPA / Helen Millband, EA
  • 17:30 Arrive back and break into field trip groups; write-up feedback
    18:00 END
  • 19:00 SUPPER
  • 20:15 Ecosystem Services Research Update - Shaun Russell, Wales Environment Research Hub

Day 2: Tuesday 7th February

Morning: Ecosystems & huiman well-being

  • 08:15 BREAKFAST (Same time each day)
  • 09:00 Biodiversity, ecosystems and human well-being in the UK - Conor Kretsch, COHAB
  • 10:00 Contribution of ecosystem services to mental health — Carly Wood, University of Essex Interdisciplinary Centre for Environment and Society
  • 10:30 Ecosystem change and the emergence and spread of infectious disease - Dr Kate Jones, Zoological Society of London
  • 11:00 COFFEE
  • 11:30 Case Study: Urban green infrastructure and benefits to health and well-being - Peter Frost CCW
  • 12:30 LUNCH

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Afternoon: Ecosystem service & land-use planning

  • 13:30 Spatial planning and ecosystem services: Making the link -  Charlie Falzon, Countryside Training Partnership
  • 14:00 Introducing the links between positive planning for the environment and public health – Dr Mark Temple, Public Health Wales
  • 14:30 Human well-being, biodiversity and land use planning: Practical approaches to strategic assessments - Conor Kretsch, COHAB

  • 15:00 COFFEE
  • 15:30 Case study: Sustainable urban planning for human health and wellbeing - Gary Grant (Independent Consultant)
  • 16:00 Breakout session and report back: The story so far: Key questions,
    key issues, key challenges -  Charlie Falzon, Countryside Training Partnership
  • 17:15 END
  • 19:00 SUPPER
  • 20:00 Interactive Session: Culture, environment and art -  Shelagh Hourahane, Creu–Ad Consultants
  • 21:00 END

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Day 3: Wednesday 8th February

Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystems

  • 09:00 Making value judgements: perspectives on the valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services - Conor Kretsch, COHAB
  • 09:45 Economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services –  Mark Everard, Advisor, Defra and Environment Agency
  • 10:30 COFFEE
  • 11:00 Case Study 1: Working with other sectors: Case studies -  Stephen Blunt, Richards Moorehead and Laing Ltd
  • 11:30 Case Study 2: Nature after minerals -  Sam Tarrant, The RSPB and CEMEX UK Biodiversity Partnership

  • 12:00 LUNCH
  • 13:00 Climate Change and biodiversity:A collaborative response -  John Clark, RSPB
  • 13:30 Participatory approaches to spatial planning using visual tools –  Tim Pagella, Bangor University
  • 14:00 Final breakout session: What have we learned?
    How can we apply this? What are the key barriers to implementing an ecosystems approach to decision making and management?  Charlie Falzon, Countryside Training Partnership
  • 15:30 Summing-up: Shaun Russell, Wales Environment Research Hub
  • 15:45 COFFEE and CLOSE



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